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Independent Study

Should a class section be removed from the course schedule in a given semester because of low registration, the department in which the class is housed may ask a faculty member or adjunct faculty member to provide an independent study course for a student in the closed class section. The faculty member will be paid $150 per three (3) credit hour independent student course that he or she teaches under this policy.  This course will be designated on the student’s transcript as equivalent to the canceled course.

The following condition must be met for a contract to conduct an independent study course to be issued under this policy: The student is scheduled to graduate in the semester in which the class was to be offered and no substitute course is available that semester to meet the graduation requirement.

Reference here is made only to those courses that are usually taught in the standard class (10 or more students at the undergraduate level) arrangement and not to coops, internships and the like which must be considered as constituting a different topic. Assuming this, it seems clear that one-on-one teaching is demanding, requires as much if not more preparation than the usual classroom assignment, and should be considered an unusual demand upon any faculty member’s time and course assignment. However, some unavoidable circumstances make it necessary that this type of course offering be an option. Given these understandings, the following are conditions under which such a course offering may be made:

In instances when a student is certifiably in his/her final year of study and the course is:

  1. required for  graduation or,
  2.  cannot be substituted for with another course which is available, and
  3. A course is canceled by the university due to low enrollment  or 
  4. A course will not be offered, due to the department’s sequence of course offerings until after or
  5. the proposed (realistic) graduation date of a student. (This could happen in the case of transfer student from another institution or one changing majors and/or minors.) 
  6. An unavoidable conflict (university created) arises which precludes a student’s
      1. taking a required course at the time it is available (i.e. requirement in the major
      2. offered at the same time as one in the minor or no space available in a multi-
      3. section required course except in one which is a conflict.)