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General Information

Departments wishing to invite or host a J-1 Exchange Visitor in one of the scholar categories will need to do the following. Departments are urged to start this process at least 90 days in advance of the desired start date. No form DS-2019 will be issued for a date already past or for a date by which the Exchange Visitor cannot possible arrive. Also, please note that the visa process can be complicated in certain countries and if the Exchange Visitor cannot arrive in the USA and at Shepherd University within 30 days of the requested start date on the DS-2019, it will become invalid.

1. Complete the “Information about the Exchange Visitor” form (in Word format for ease in completing) and return in original to the Office of International Initiatives. It is very important to ensure the activities/duties section clearly describes the activities in which the Exchange Visitor will participate.

2. Conduct and record the English language proficiency interview, as necessary.

3. Prepare the letter of invitation.

4. Send form(s) DS-2019 to the scholar and his/her accompanying family members, as appropriate. Include the DS-2019 Welcome Letter.