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Gateway Academy


What is the gateway Academy?

Now in its 27th year, the Gateway Academy is a one-week residential, pre-college program intended to encourage eighth graders who are going into the ninth grade to think about, plan, and prepare for college. The program is held in the summer on the campus of Shepherd University.

Why Gateway?

Since 1991, over 2150 middle/junior high school students have attended this program.  Formerly, the Gateway Academy was offered exclusively to West Virginia students.  New last year, the geographic location for participants also includes counties in Virginia and Maryland.  A survey of past participants of the Academy revealed that 81 percent were attending college after high school graduation.  Many of these graduates credited their Gateway experience as a significant boost in realizing their higher education goals.

What does the Academy do?

Participants will get a feel for college by living on campus and attending classes that are led by teachers and college professors.  Classes include hands-on activities that improve learning skills in science, math, writing, and social sciences. The academy will also provide instruction on how-to-study and career planning. Recreational activities such as bowling, billiards, and games are also scheduled throughout the week.

Participants will enjoy two field trips during the Academy, a day long trip to Washington, DC and an afternoon visit to nearby Harpers Ferry National Park. All trips are related to class activities.

Preparing Today for Tomorrow’s Success!!