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Focus on Student Learning

In an ongoing effort to support teachers and learners, the Center for Teaching and Learning heads up many vibrant pedagogical endeavors.  We are proud to offer the “Focus on Student Learning” series (FOSL). The series features monthly presentations by engaging leaders in the world of academic excellence, and mini-workshops guided by professors who have introduced helpful and innovative teaching strategies. These are useful discussions that encourage creative approaches to both old and new ideas in teaching and learning.  Most importantly, the topics come from you!  Each semester we use your feedback to select information you want to hear about!  Please join us this semester!

Focus on Student Learning Recordings Archive:

Assessor Refresher 2020 – Assessment Planning and WEAVE (November 2020)

Teaching with Simulations (October 2020)

Supporting our International Students (September 2020)

14th Annual Celebration of Student Learning (March 2020)

Effective Teaching Strategies for College Students with ASD (February 2020)

QPR Suicide Prevention (February 2020)

Open Educational Resources (January 2020)

Critical Thinking Resources (December 2019)

Green Zone Training: Supporting Student Veterans (October 2019)

Navigating Civility handout (September 2019)

Navigating Civility Issues in the Classroom Part I (September 2018)

Civility in the Classroom Part 2 (September 2019)

Just flip it (September 2016)

Win Win with Turnitin! (September 2016)

Wading Through Too Much Paper Grading? (November 2016)

Assisting Our International Students (January 2017)

Assisting Students in Distress (February 2017)

Different, Not Broken – Helping Students with Disabilities (March 2017)

11th Annual Celebration of Student Learning (March 2017)

Great Teachers Seminar featuring Drs. Alexander and Levitan (April 2017)

Sakai 11 Overview with Jason Dom (September 2017)

Teaching Abroad at Anahuac University in Mexico (September 2017)

Sakai 11 Lesson Builder Tool With Jason Dom (October 2017)

Sakai 11 Gradebook with Jason Dom (October 2017)

Sakai 11 Assignments With Jason Dom (October 2017)

COIL – Global Learning for All (February 2018)

ZOOM! (March 2018)

Navigating Civility Issues in the Moment (March 2018)

Generation Z – Trends and Traits of the Next Generation (September 2018)  Please note:  if you want the video of this session, please contact Laura Renninger or Shannon Holliday.

Beyond Borders:  Learn Locally how to Teach Globally (October 2018)

Gender Identity:  Greater Safer and More Inclusive Environments (November 2018)

Classroom Civility (September 2019)

Critical Thinking (December 2019)


Focus on Student Learning PowerPoint and Resources Archive:

Assessor Refresher 2020

QPR Suicide Prevention

Open Educational Resources

Critical Thinking Resources

Green Zone Training: Supporting Student Veterans

Navigating Civility handout

Navigating Civility Issues in the Classroom Part I

Civility in the Classroom Part 2

Dr. Howard-Bostic’s Great Teachers Seminar Resources

Operation College Degree – Working with Veteran Students (create your own login)

Gaming in the Classroom

Got GRIT? Teaching Perseverance & Resiliency

Unlocking Academic Accommodations

Grading Rubrics: Take the “Grrr…” Out of Grading

Teaching Troubled Students: The ASJA Law & Policy Report

Ways to recognize Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Learning By Doing: Drawing on Creativity to get Students Involved

Tips for Top Tests

Dealing with Students in Distress

Online Discussion Boards


Focus on Student Learning Series Archive:

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