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For New Students

This page is to provide new students information about the technology environment at Shepherd.

Acceptable Use PolicyWhat your computer account is for and what rules govern it.

Brochure for new studentsBrochure about the technology environment for students new to Shepherd

Computer accountInformation about your computer account, where it works, how to retrieve it and change your initial password

Computer labs on campusWhere are the computer labs on-campus, what resources are available in them, and when are they open?

Computer buying guidelines for the new studentWhat computer should I buy? Here are some guidelines to help you

E-mail systemThe email system for students and how to use it

Requirements for an anti-virus program on your computerDo I need an anti-virus program on my computer and if so, what can I use?

Sakai – Learning Management SystemOur Online Learning Management System for classes

Technology at ShepherdHere is information for students new to Shepherd about our networks and computer requirements

Wi-Fi set-up instructions for studentsInstructions for students to set up your laptop and devices on the wireless network