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Final Exams

April 24, 2020, 10 a.m.

Dear Students, Staff, and Faculty-

We hope this message finds you well as we finish instruction for the semester and enter final exams week.  Typically, a final exam schedule is posted based on the day/time of the course.  Although the hopes are to stick to that schedule, if possible, it is understandable during these trying times that final exam schedules may differ.  Professors may offer an asynchronous exam or a longer window for submission due to student employment commitments or consistent internet connectivity,

The key to a successful finals week is communication.  If you are a student who utilizes accommodations, be sure to communicate to the professor if you have an exam right before or right after that professor’s scheduled exam to ensure there is adequate time for each exam.  While many professors have adjusted exam times to provide additional support, it is important for faculty and staff to continue to communicate with students.

As a Ram family, we are all in this together, and communication is the key to understanding and success!

Hang in there, we know you can do it!

Dr. Scott Beard, Provost and Holly Morgan Frye, Vice President for Student Affairs