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Faculty and Staff

 Dr. Lois Jarman has been a world language educator for more than fifteen years. She has taught English, French, Spanish, and Latin on a secondary and post-secondary level. Dr. Jarman received her bachelor’s degree from Goucher College, her master’s degree from Hood College, and her doctoral degree in second language acquisition from Shenandoah University.  Dr. Jarman has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and South America.

Maria Skowronski is an IELP instructor. She received her B.S. degree in English from Towson University and recently graduated with her Master’s of Arts in Teaching degree from Shepherd University. She holds a teaching certificate from the state of West Virginia and serves as Secretary of the West Virginia TESOL organization. Maria has found her passion working with the community of English language learners. She has attended national summits on advocacy and policy implementation for immigrants and English learners and she helped to organize the 2018 WV TESOL Conference which focused on effective and dynamic digital literacy methodology. Maria likes to spend her free time outside, preferably kayaking on a river or hiking on a mountain, and she thoroughly enjoys reading (she has been known to delve into intense discussions about the abounding mythological references in Harry Potter). It was the semester she spent abroad in northern England that convinced Maria she wanted to teach English to eager learners abroad; however, before that dream is realized, she hopes to learn as much as she can from her colleagues and students here in the United States.

Siriki Diabate is our official IELP recruiter. He graduated from Shepherd with a BA in Political Science/concentration in International Studies (2014), and an MBA in 2016.  While at Shepherd, Siriki was an active student leader serving as the president of the International Student Union.  He was also selected to represent Shepherd at the West Virginia Legislature via the Frassue-Singleton Internship Program.  While at Shepherd, Siriki worked closely with the TRIO program and with the Department of Political Science to arrange campus visits with ambassadors from various West African countries.  Siriki is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in Strategic Leadership from Regent University.

Eva Olsson is an IELP instructor. She was born and raised in Borås, Sweden, and immigrated to the United States in 2002. She is a graduate of the University of Gothenburg in Gothenburg, Sweden where she earned her Master’s of Education and Master’s of English. Eva has extensive experience working with English language learners, having worked predominantly with adolescents and adults. She has also shared her love of music with previous generations of students; Eva taught several music classes at Lyckeskolan Junior High School in Sweden. After settling in the U.S., Eva taught Swedish language classes on Shepherd University’s Martinsburg campus and was a fixture in Dining Services at the main campus. She is fascinated with many real and made-up languages: Eva is fluent in Swedish and English and has a thorough background in French, German, and Japanese. She has even dabbled with Klingon! Ms. Olsson loves to read, garden, and sing, and is currently living in Shepherdstown with her husband, two sons, and two adorable cats.