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Employee Email Migration

Information about email migration from Shepherd servers to the Office365 Cloud

If you use Microsoft Outlook as your on-campus email client, you should see little, if any, change before and after the email migration.

If you are not using Outlook for your email and need to log into Office365, please go to either the Shepherd Faculty & Staff Email login page like you normally do or to
** NOTE: We have confirmed Office365 works in the Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers. Other browsers may or may not work. **

When logging into Office365 directly instead of through Shepherd’s web site link, the initial landing web page will look like below. Please enter your Shepherd University email address in the first entry location.
*Please note you will only be able to enter the email address on this screen; Microsoft will redirect you to our Shepherd University landing page where you will then enter your password. Instructions follow.

After entering only your email address the landing page will redirect you to the Shepherd University landing page shown.
** NOTE: If you use the Email link from the Shepherd web site under the Faculty and Staff menu, you will enter your Shepherd username and password as you normally do. The instructions will then on will be the same continuing from here down. **

You will now enter your password to access your Office365 account. This will take you to your personal Office365 account.

You may install Office 2016 to your PERSONALLY owned computer. To do so, access Office365 from your device and click the “Install Office 2016” on the page. This will download the suite of products and install it on your computer. Please do not try to install this on your Shepherd desktop or laptop as it will cause problems.

Examples of disconnect messages when migration is finalized.

2016 and 2010 versions of Outlook did not display a pop up message directing the restarting of Outlook. Below are the snapshots from 2016 showing the disconnection messages some who previously migrated saw.

Once Outlook restarts, the below box will appear on your screen directing you to a password login. Every time the machine restarts and you reopen Outlook, the box will appear prompting you for the login credentials again.

Email Client settings

Please click on the appropriate client below.

Android device

iPhone / iPad / iPod Device

Outlook for Mac

Important information to know:

If you need further assistance, please contact the IT Services Desk. You may submit a work order to to create a work order in our system or call them at 304-876-5457.

Page last updated February 27, 2018