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March 13, 2020


The developments of the last few weeks, and especially this week, are stressful and challenging for us all. For many of us, stress is increased by concern about our loved ones at home, and those of us with school age children at home now have an open-ended stress factor of no public school operations, starting next week.

Shepherd University has tried to operate in a family friendly way, and over a lengthy period of time it has not been unusual to see a small child “at work with mom or dad” from time to time. But now we are in a highly unusual position.

The determination of the SU Coronavirus Task Force is that beginning next Monday, children and other family members may not “come to work” with their parent. The efforts we will continue to make to follow CDC guidance for “social distancing” would be significantly counteracted by the presence of visiting children. Apart from general issues of workplace productivity and management, for nearly all the same reasons that the Governors of West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia have closed the K-12 schools, those school children do not belong here on the campus during this period.  We all need to be realistic about managing this safety issue.

Thank you for understanding the importance of this issue at this time,

Alan Perdue
General Counsel