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Frequently Asked Questions

how do i get an accommodation

First, complete an Accommodation Request Form, and include in your request appropriate documentation. More information can be found by selecting the images below.

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what type of documentation do i need to receive accommodation for a physical disability

If you are seeking accommodations you may need documentation from a licensed professional and any other supporting information, which verifies:

what type of documentation do i need to receive an accommodations for a learning, psychological, or processing-related disability?

If you are seeking classroom accommodations because of a learning, processing, or cognitive related disability, you may need to submit one or more of the following:

All documentation can be submitted electronically or by US mail and will remain confidential at all times. These documents generally should be less than five years old and must verify the following:

how are accommodation decisions made?

All accommodations are decided on a case-by-case basis. The University has an obligation to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations to ensure that students with disabilities have access to all campus programs, services, and functions.

what do i do if i need campus housing accommodations?

Housing accommodations follow the same process as other accommodations and require supporting documentation. Please note that housing accommodations do not determine a specific residence hall but provide a placement that meets the approved accommodations.  

housing accommodations       contact residence life       accommodation process

what type of classroom accommodations does shepherd university offer?

Classroom accommodations at Shepherd University are tailored to the student’s individual needs based on their ability and disability as well as the fundamental requirements of the courses they are enrolled in and may include testing accommodations, alternate format course materials, assistance in taking notes, specialized furniture or technology, and modifications to existing course policies.

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what kind of academic resources are available?

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what type of assistive technology do you provide?

The Accessibility Services Office provides assistive technology to students registered with us to utilize as needed in order to support their accommodations. Assistive technology includes Microsoft OneNote, digital recorders, cassette recorders, and other reasonable technical assistance to fit the student’s needs. Please visit the Office of Accessibility Services to check out one of the recorders, and please remember to bring a valid student identification card with you. The recorders are provided at no charge to the student. Contact us for more information!

what if i have more questions?

Still have more questions? No problem! Please feel free to Contact Us and check out our Accessibility Handbook to find the answer to all of your questions!