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Dr. Dawne Raines Burke


Dr. Dawne Raines Burke, Professor of Education & Human Development

(304) 876-5292

106 Knutti Hall

Post-Doctoral Master Program: Curriculum & Instruction
School of Education & Professional Studies
Department of Education
Special Education: Multicategorical, Amended Endorsement
Shepherd University

Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy

Human Development: Individual & Organizational
College of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Dr. Marcie Boucouvalas & Dr. Harold Stubblefield.
Dissertation: “Storer College: A Hope for Redemption in the Shadow of Slavery, 1865 – 1955.”

M.A. Master of Arts

Secondary Education: Social Sciences/Black Experiences
College of Education & Human Resources
West Virginia University
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Douglas Smith
Thesis: “Synthesis Qualities among Top Five NCATE Teacher Education Programs.”

B.A. Bachelor of Arts: Music Education
School of Arts & Humanities
Cognates: English Literature/Feminist Studies
Department of Education & Professional Studies, K-12 Licensure & Certification
Shepherd University

Higher Education Teaching & Designing Experience 


Course Number


*Traditional & Hybrid Blend

**Curriculum Designer



    Course Title

  ***EDUC 150   Seminar in Education for Preservice Teaching Candidates  
  ***WMST 299   Perspectives in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Issues  
       EDUC 200   Foundations in American Education  
  ***EDUC 300   Human Growth & Development for Nursing Candidates  
       EDUC 306   Independent Study: Clinical Field Experience  
***EDUC 320   Social & Psychological Conditions of Learning  
  ***EDUC 390   Experiential Learning  
  **EDUC 400   Inclusion in the General Education Classroom  
  ***EDUC 450   Student Teaching Practicum & Supervision: Elementary Education Majors  
  ***EDUC 455   Student Teaching Practicum & Supervision: Secondary Education Majors  
  ***EDUC 460   Senior Capstone Seminar: Action Research Project  
  ***EDUC 500   Honor’s Program: Education & Brain-Based Learning Project  
  ***EDUC 522   Contemporary Issues in Education  
  ***EDUC 523   Diversity Awareness & Collaborative Practice  
  ***EDUC 580   Independent Study: Graduate Thesis Project  
  **EDUC 581   Social Foundations of American Education  
  ***EDUC 582   Learning in Contexts  
  ***EPDP 600   Curriculum-Based Diversity Project  

Recent Awards and Publications

2015 Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award recipient, Douglas C. Smith Award for distinguished research scholarship and teaching at the graduate-level in the Graduate Studies Program, Shepherd University.

2015 Book Publication. Commemorative book publication, An American Phoenix: The History of Storer College from 1865 – 1955 (2nd Edition) for the 150th anniversary celebration of Storer College’s formative “mission school” phase by the new press, Storer College Books, by West Virginia University Press; Morgantown, WV.

2015 Scholarship Recognition, in recognition of the state-awarded historiography, An American Phoenix, West Virginia University, the state-land grant university, inaugurates a new press imprint in association with West Virginia University Press, called Storer College Books, to publish extant, minority and feminist anthropologies heretofore unknown to the state and the nation.

Co-Presenter, conference presentation with graduate students titled, “Teacher Victimization: A Looming, Yet Dooming National Phenomenon.” Humanities Conference, Wilson College; Chambersburg, PA.

2015 Keynote Speaker for West Virginia Day at West Virginia University sponsored by West Virginia University Library Systems and the West Virginia Regional History Collections; Morgantown, WV.

Documentary Film Project grant award from the West Virginia Humanities Council for a film project titled, “Part I: Storer College: Oral History Narratives.”

Documentary Film Project biographical documentary titled, “Dr. Madison Spencer Briscoe: A Man of Science & Substance” in working production in association with School of Communications; American University.

Research Interests 

· Feminist Anthropology
· Diffusion of Knowledge
· Social Justice, Human Rights & Civil Liberties
· Educational Leadership
· Evolution of Educational Process
· Organic Resiliency
· Human Systems Applications
· Organizational Development
· Transformative Leadership & Ethical Practice
· Curriculum & Assessment Designs
· Taxonomic & Typological Models
· Native-American Studies
· African-American Studies
· Cultural Geography
· Comparative Wisdom Traditions
· Appalachian, Melungeon, Hill-Clan & Backcountry Immigrant Cultures
· Global Education
· International Immersion
· Experiential Learning