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Distribution of Workload

For a full-time teaching faculty member without administrative duties, the normal teaching load is twelve (12) credit hours per semester and twenty-four (24) credit hours per academic year (defined as fall and spring semesters), which is commensurate with the recommendations of the University’s accrediting agencies and the Board of Governors.  In determining semester-hour loads, consideration is given to laboratory assignments, applied music lessons, supervision of student teaching and coaching duties.  It is also expected that a certain and reasonable student credit hour production will be maintained in addition to the established credit hour load.

In addition to an assigned teaching load, each professor is expected to schedule a minimum of six (6) office hours per week for student consultation, except during advisement week and before and after exams.  Service to the University is also an expected part of each faculty member’s workload.  Service load may consist of advising a student organization, committee service, and assisting at athletic events, recruitment events, admission events as defined in expectations of faculty.

Off-campus and evening/weekend classes will be offered, when sufficient demand exists, as a part of the University’s mission to the service area.  Faculty members are expected to share in a fair and reasonable manner in these teaching obligations which are often at other than preferred times and locations.  Evening classes and instruction at additional locations will, in general, be considered a part of the regular teaching load.  When off-campus teaching is by necessity in excess of the normal teaching load, additional compensation may be provided with the approval of the President and the Provost.

A report of teaching loads, office hours, and service assignments is submitted at the beginning of each semester.  The office of the Provost/VPAA distributes forms for the collection of these data.  A report on plans for outside consulting requires prior approval by the Provost/VPAA.  Changes must be updated as they occur.  In addition to this official report, each faculty member is expected to post office hours on his or her office door or bulletin board for student use, as well as other faculty.  A directory of faculty schedules and office hours is published by the Office of the Provost/VPAA each year.