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DEI Student of the Year Award

Zane Lewis, a student campus leader, has been selected as the first recipient of the DEI Student of the Year Award. He epitomizes the qualities found in visionary leaders and community service heroes at Shepherd University. The Office for Diversity and Equity is proud of his leadership as a member of Shepherd’s football team, of which coach Ernie McCook has referred to Zane as “the definition of a servant leader” for the team. As well, our office honors Zane’s commitment as an active member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes through which you serve and emphasize spiritual principles and missions. We also salute his work as the student representative of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) Social Justice Committee.

Alongside Vice President for Athletics Chauncey Winbush, Zane Lewis was appointed by President Hendrix to represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds with the common goal of combating racism and injustice while focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the league. His work assisting members of this task force with developing and recommending policy, programs, initiatives, and education for the awareness, improvement, and success of the conference’s efforts in diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice is commendable. 

We also champion Zane Lewis for his work on campus including his unconditional willingness to support teammates in the locker room, fellow students in the classroom, and members of our community. Zane Lewis has brought comfort to difficult times and shown leadership when direction was hard to find. President Hendrix is proud to call Zane an “extraordinary ambassador” for Shepherd. Our president was most proud of his work after the George Floyd tragedy when he took it upon himself to rightfully engage in a discussion about race, the police, and social justice with a Maryland Law Enforcement group of police officers. The Office for Diversity and Equity, and the Associate Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and inclusivity are very proud of Zane’s efforts to share his time, energy, and heart throughout his travels and with those who are in need. He is humble and very conscious of the needs of surrounding communities. His DEI perspective is respectful, helpful, and impactful. His valuable work, tireless collaboration, and willingness to serve will continue to enhance the reputation and mission of Shepherd University. The Office for Diversity and Equity recognizes Zane Lewis, as a great teammate to all and the first recipient of the DEI Student of the Year Award.