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Located in the Scarborough Library, the “intellectual heart of the campus,” the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides support to students and teachers alike.  The CTL offers students assistance with advising, writing, study skills, technology, and tutoring in any subject ranging from mathematics and to foreign languages and music.  For teachers, CTL provides pedagogical and technological classroom resources through trainings and consultations. CTL is the hub where excitement about learning permeates every corner, every hallway, every room, and every virtual space on campus.

Introducing CTL Digital Badges! new starting Summer 2021!

The CTL is proud to introduce a new microcredentialing system, often referred to as a system of digital badges, to encourage the continuous professional development of our teachers and staff and the successful and sustained learning of our students. When we support teachers and staff, we support students!! Badges reward active participation in your development! They are unique in that they pair the learning of new skills with the demonstration of them, recognizing your hard work to apply what you’ve learned. Badges are tangible evidence of your knowledge, skills and mastery and can be used as a testimonial of all three. Display your badges on/in your: 

The successful equation for badge acquisition is: knowledge + skills + demonstration of mastery 

Badges are increasingly popular in higher education because they move away from certification through attendance to certification through demonstrations of mastery. Simply, they encourage collaborationsharing, and connection! 

The CTL will begin issuing digital badges for Brightspace-specific training, use and collaboration and for completion of CTL’s own certified online instructor program. More badges to come! 

Start earning your badges today!! Find more information on our Digital Badges page!

Brightspace Implementation Information

Please see our Brightspace page for updates and information on this exciting transition from Sakai to Brightspace.

Upcoming Events

June 1, July 1, August 1

Get certified to teach online with Intermediate Intensive Online Training.  This training will cover course design, strategies for student engagement, accessibility and inclusion, Brightspace basics, and other tools for teaching in every modality.  This course is facilitated, self-paced, and includes feedback from the instructor upon completion of the final project. It will take approximately 12 – 15 hours to complete. We ask that you complete the course in about 30 days from the start.
Please use this form to sign-up for the summer session of your choice.

May 27- June 10

Quality Matters Training: Improving Your Online Course  (IYOC): Use the QM Rubric to review your online courses and develop a course improvement plan. Course Length: Two weeks, facilitated, online asynchronous. Sign up through wvnet

June 1- June 15

Quality Matters Training: Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR): Learn the underlying principles behind the QM Rubric and the critical elements of the QM quality assurance process. Two weeks, facilitated, online asynchronous.  Sign up through wvnet

June 10- June 24

Quality Matters Training: Designing Your Online Course (DYOC): Bring your online course to this workshop and get a framework for developing an online course plan. You’ll use a framework and explore the QM Rubric to design one module for your online course.  Two weeks, facilitated, online asynchronous.  Sign up through wvnet

June 15- June 29

Introduction to Quality Matters:  This 2 week facilitated workshop introduces participants to the QM Quality Assurance System. A brief overview of QM is provided, followed by an exploration into the question, “Why QM?”. QM Rubrics and the types of course reviews are introduced. The workshop culminates in the development of a personal plan for continued engagement with Quality Matters.

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