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Computer Services (IT)

a.  General Guidelines

The coordination of institutional computer services is the responsibility of the Director of Information Technology. Any contemplated use of computers or computer programs are to be coordinated with the Information Technology department in advance of purchase or implementation.

All facilities, hardware, software, and the data stored there are University property. The use of any hardware, software or data shall be limited to the official business of the University.

The proper care and handling of equipment and software is the responsibility of the authorized user. The destruction, defacing, damage, misuse, or abuse of facilities, property, equipment, or supplies is prohibited. Persons responsible will be billed by the university for repair and/or replacement.

The disruption or interference with the normal use of computers, computer-related equipment, data, or programs of individual users, or the University is prohibited. The use of a computer account or microcomputer software for any purpose other than that for which it was assigned shall be subject of the maximum sanctions.

The security of data, both in stores and hard copy format, shall be the responsibility of the authorized users. Each individual who holds a University computer access account is personally responsible for all activities and charges on that account.

Detailed policies are published by the Information Technology department. All faculty should become familiar with them.

b.  Computer Applications Work Requests

All application requests for computer services through the Computer Center must be placed in writing on the Computer Services Work Request form. Requests should be submitted as far in advance as possible to provide adequate time for processing and scheduling among other requests. At least one week of lead time is required for commonly requested reports; more time is required for proper processing/scheduling of other applications.

All requests are reviewed by the Director of Information Technology. In consultation with the staff and appropriate others, the Director determines if the request can be accommodated at the time. Only requests made on the work form and approved by the organization administrator of the budget unit to whom charges are to be made will be considered.

All work requested by student organizations must be signed and approved by an organization administrator