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College Dean

The College Dean provides leadership for faculty and ensures an effective environment for learning and scholarship. In the spirit of cooperative and collegial governance College Deans may delegate responsibilities. A College Dean (1) is an administrator appointed by and serving at the will and pleasure of the president, (2) holds faculty rank and tenure, and (3) will normally have a teaching load per semester of three credit hours.

It is the responsibility of a College Dean consistent with University policy and practice to:

  1. Supervise and evaluate College faculty and make recommendations concerning retention, promotion, tenure, and salary.
  2. Promote faculty development.
  3. Conduct regular College faculty meetings.
  4. Recruit full-time and part-time faculty.
  5. Review periodically curricula for program improvement.
  6. Approve the College’s schedule of course offerings.
  7. Coordinate external accreditation reviews and Board of Governors program reviews.
  8. Provide leadership in developing new curricula and programs.
  9. Provide for College participation in registration procedures.
  10. Provide for College participation in open house and other student recruitment activities.
  11. Provide for College representation at special events at night and on weekends as necessary.
  12. Prepare catalog material and review copy for new editions of the catalog.
  13. Develop an annual budget for the College and administer the allocated budget according to institutional guidelines.
  14. Provide information and reports as requested by the Provost.
  15. Approve all College purchase orders, personnel action requests, recommendations for hiring part-time faculty, travel request, vehicle requests, and work orders.
  16. Ensure a quality program of student advising.
  17. Promote effective use of appropriate technology in programs and instruction.
  18. Provide leadership in the development and utilization of library resources.
  19. Promote professional and community outreach projects and activities.
  20. Assist and encourage College faculty in pursuing additional graduate study and professional development as appropriate.
  21. Ensure that office and educational supplies and equipment are available when needed.
  22. Promote College programs, faculty, and activities, working particularly with the office of University Communications.
  23. Provide support and guidance to new faculty.
  24. Maintain personnel records of faculty and staff.
  25. Evaluate transcripts of transfer students.
  26. Supervise the College administrative staff.
  27. Collect and maintain data for assessment of students, graduates, and academic programs.
  28. Uphold grade appeal and grievance policies.
  29.  Supervise department and program heads.
  30. Perform other duties assigned by the Provost.