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Civility in Action

Shepherd University is committed to developing and implementing appropriate strategies to achieve greater awareness, appreciation and human understanding, both in the classroom and throughout the campus. We promote a campus culture that celebrates multiculturalism and diversity. We demonstrate this commitment through our acceptance and appreciation of all groups and individuals. As we enter a new academic year, it is a good time to commend those individuals on our campus who daily practice civility by actively supporting and fostering differences at Shepherd University.

It is our shared duty to create an inclusive culture where all members of the campus community are accepted. Therefore, as members of the Shepherd University community, we:

• are committed to the establishment of an open-minded campus that accepts and honors every one of its members;

• will work to support and enhance an environment that respects and endorses all efforts that celebrate the uniqueness of each individual;

• will continually strive to create a welcoming community in which educational, social, and recreational activities and opportunities are available to all of our members;

• will not tolerate or engage in any actions, attitudes, or behaviors that disrespect, degrade or dehumanize any member or guest of this University;

• will continually link academic inquiry and knowledge to meaningful values, thereby deepening human understanding and promoting the appreciation of culture, race, sexual orientation, age, religion, and gender.

Thank you for your special role in creating an inclusive and respectful Shepherd community.

Dr. Suzanne Shipley
Former President of Shepherd University