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Campus Safety and Security

a.  Department of Public Safety

Police Officers and some security officers are employed for the protection of student welfare and general security of personnel and facilities. Their duties include patrol of the campus, checks of all campus buildings and monitoring/intervention of any improper or illegal behavior.

b.  Building Security

  1. Persons responsible for locking doors should also insure that windows accessible from ground level are locked. The maintenance staff will provide locks for windows, which do not have them.
  2. Facultymembers may continue to use academic buildings after closing times. They will be responsible for keeping doors locked at all times and locking windows before leaving.
  3. Students found in building after closing times, unaccompanied by a faculty or staff member, will be charged with unauthorized entry or use of university facilities; the case will be handled through university disciplinary channels. Anyone breaking into a building will be prosecuted.
  4. Students will not have the use of building keys at any time.

C.  Fire Drills

Fire drills are required periodically by the State Fire Marshall. Detailed instructions have been provided and posted for individual buildings. When the alarm sounds, each faculty and staff member should see that all students leave the building orderly, quietly, and quickly. It is the instructor and staff member’s responsibility to see that all windows and doors in his/her room and area are closed. Building supervisors will be responsible for monthly drills.