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Campus Cleaning Protocol

DATE: June 19, 2020

This message responds to questions regarding supplies to ensure a clean and healthy workplace as we return to campus.  The following steps will be taken to provide supplies to all areas of campus:

  1. Facilities will coordinate and distribute an initial supply of certain products for employee use during the workday.  These include hand sanitizer in both personal size and larger containers, as deemed appropriate for each area.  In addition, the hand sanitizer dispensers that are located throughout campus will be refilled, as product is available.
  2. Disinfectant “wipes” will be provided in large containers to areas of high density, such as classrooms, residence halls, etc.  Smaller quantity containers will be provided to office areas and lower density locations.
  3. Please keep in mind that many disinfectant products and “wipes” are difficult to obtain.  Be assured that we are reaching out to every resource available to maintain sufficient quantities for continuous and thorough sanitization.
  4. Also keep in mind that the CDC and other guidance continues to recommend frequent and proper hand washing with soap and water as a more effective solution than reliance on other products.
  5. And, for your personal health and safety, please adhere to the required face covering guidance as well as the social distancing directives.

The Facilities director will be issuing a detailed “Cleaning and Sanitizing Plan” in the near future.  This will further detail the processes and frequency of extensive and continuous focus on maintaining a healthy and clean environment at all times.

You may reach Jim King, Facilities director at with any questions you may have upon receipt of his plan.  Please keep in mind that this is new environment and there will be many challenges.  Shepherd University will do its best to provide a clean and safe campus, but your cooperation and participation are critically needed.