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a.  General Sales

The Shepherd University Bookstore is operated by Follett Bookstore management.  In addition to merchandising books and supplies required for course work, the Bookstore offers other services and merchandising programs for students and faculty. These include general books and supplies, stationery, souvenirs, imprinted sportswear, rings, and other items related to college life.

B.  Textbook Orders

All textbook orders for courses offered by Shepherd University must be Ordered through the Shepherd University Bookstore. Follett has a “Faculty Services” section on the webpage which includes the online adoptions page.

Instructors should notify the Bookstore when discontinuing the use of any textbook. Early notification enables the Bookstore to return surplus books for credit when permitted by publishers.

c.  Textbook Returns

The Bookstore will, when possible, accept books for credit. To receive full credit, the following conditions must be observed.

  1. Books must be returned during the second full week of each semester or summer term. Deadline for returning books will be posted and customers must present the cash register receipt. Used books are not returnable.
  2. There will be no cash refunds. A state warrant will be issued for all credits. However, credit may be applied towards the purchase of another item in the store if it is done at the time the merchandise is returned.
  3. Books must bear the Bookstore price tag or mark. Books may not be marked in any way.
  4. To return a textbook the student must present his class schedule, his I.D., a receipt of purchase, and certified copy of the Withdrawal form or notice of administrative change (ADD/DROP SLIP). (If the student has not dropped the class for which the text was purchased or notice of administrative change is not available, a ten percent service charge will be imposed upon the credit given for the returned merchandise.)
  5. Defective Books – Any book defective in composition or with an entire section missing will be replaced without charge and without regard to time elapsed since purchase.

D.  Sales to Students

Faculty and staff members are not permitted to engage in the sale of any commodity or service to students, or act as an agent of any organization engaged in such sales. Textbooks, duplicated and mimeographed materials, and other supplies must be offered for sale only through the University Bookstore. This also applies in those instances in which a faculty member may be the author of textbooks or other materials offered for sale.

When College supplies and resources have been used to produce educational materials for sale to students through the Bookstore, the faculty member and the chair of the respective department must file a completed form, Re-Sale of Educational Materials, with the Manager of the Bookstore. This form assures compliance with copyright laws. All net profits earned from the sale of such materials shall be transferred from the Bookstore Account to the account of the respective department.