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Book Return Process

April 21, 2020, 12:45 p.m.

Students may return their books via mail until the Shepherd University Bookstore reopens.  An announcement was sent out to all rental customers from Follett with instructions.

To request a return, students need to go to their rental account online, print out a return label and packing list, and send back.  It is important that they use the label and packing list provided from their account so that the Bookstore staff may check in their books properly when they receive them.  The rental deadlines will be extended but It is still important for students to return their rentals as soon as they can when they are finished with them.

Students who have difficulty getting to their account online may EMAIL Bookstore Manager Tina Millerat with their name, student ID, phone number used for their account, and the email they used for their account.  She can then verify what rentals they have and assist with their return.