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Austria Spring 2022

Peter Proctor | Global Studies Major

For the spring semester of 2022, I traveled to Salzburg, Austria where I attended Salzburg College. While there, I studied the German language as well as some political science classes. I decided to go to Austria because I wanted to further my studies of the German language, and I wished to travel to a place I had never been.  Salzburg is a place full of history and culture, and I was also eager to see the beautiful surrounding mountains. Something special from my time in Salzburg was the meaningful connections that I made. I became good friends with other students outside of the Salzburg College program.

Additionally, my time in Salzburg helped me decide where to go for my master’s degree. I was recently admitted to the Paris London University of Salzburg Political Science master’s program. I will therefore be returning to Salzburg! Without my time studying abroad, I would not have discovered the place that will soon be my new home.  Thanks to Shepherd University and Dr. Samuel Greene, I was able to create a future abroad. Studying abroad in Salzburg literally changed the course of my future.