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Appalachian Studies Graduate Certificate

Certificate Study at Shepherd University

The Appalachian Studies Certificate is a non-degree, 15-hour program composed of an introductory foundation course (APST 501, Appalachia in Time, Place, and People), a graduate capstone research experience (RESR 601, Independent Research Seminar), and 9 hours of electives from an interdisciplinary selection that can be tailored to meet individual education goals.

Appalachia and the Appalachian Studies Program at Shepherd University

Parts of twelve states lie within the region known as Appalachia, some 200,000 square miles which rest within the contour of the Appalachian Mountains, stretching from New York and Pennsylvania to Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. While there is surprising diversity among the people of Appalachia (German, Italian, African American, Native American, and others in addition to Scot-Irish), defying traditional Appalachian stereotypes, the 23 million people who live in Appalachia are dependent upon an economy that has traditionally been limited in diversity. The area is rich in natural resources that principally feed the economy: coal, timber, gas, manufacturing and tourism. The Appalachian Studies Program, which includes an undergraduate minor, the Appalachian Heritage Writer-in-Residence Project, the WV Fiction Competition, a fall Appalachian Heritage Festival, an annual Anthology of Appalachian Writers (ISSN 1946-3103), and an annual NEH Summer Seminar for Teachers, is committed to an understanding of the region, and its historical, environmental, social, and literary richness.

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