David O. Hoffman



Curriculum Vitae















Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education, Concentration in English (5-Adult), May 2006

            Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV

            G.P.A. 3.40


Graduate Coursework, Medieval Literature

            Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV

            G.P.A. 4.0


Educational/Professional Activities:

Teacher, Loudoun Valley High School, 2006-present

            12th Grade World Literature/Advanced Composition

            11th Grade Honors American Literature

            11th Grade HULA (History Uniting with Literature in America)


Producer, Director: Joseph’s Doubt.  Shepherd University, 2006

            Graduate Course Project, English 699: Teaching Medieval Drama


Teaching Assistant, Dr. Sylvia Shurbutt, Shepherd University, 2004-2006

            English 101: Written English I

            English 204: Survey of American Literature


Teaching Assistant, Dr. Patricia Dwyer, Shepherd University, 2004

            English 101/Political Science 101: Learning Community


Teaching Assistant, Dr. Linda Tate, Shepherd University, 2002-2003

English 204: Survey of American Literature


Writing Center Tutor, Shepherd University, 2002-2006

            Lead Tutor, 2004-2006


Professional Experience:

Student Director of Admissions, Shepherd University, 2002-2006


Conference Services Assistant, Shepherd University, 2004-2005

            Housing Manager, 2005


Assistant, Education Department Certification Analyst, Shepherd University, 2004


Junior High Washington Gateway Academy Counselor, Shepherd University, 2002-2004


Professional Organizations:

Appalachian Studies Association


National Council of Teachers of English



 “Crafting the ‘Living Voice’: Robert Morgan’s Verse and the Poetry of Roots and Place.”

            Online at: http://www.shepherd.edu/englweb/morgan/MorganEssay.htm. 2003.


“Interview with Fred Chappell.” Dave Hoffman and Sylvia Bailey Shurbutt, Sept. 2004. 

            Online at:  http://www.shepherd.edu/ahwirweb/chappell/chappellinterview.htm


“Interview with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.” Sylvia Bailey Shurbutt and David O. Hoffman.  2007.

            Online at: http://www.shepherd.edu/ahwirweb/Gates/interview.htm


“Interview with Robert Morgan, 2003 Writer in Residence.”  June 20, 2003.

            Online at:  http://www.shepherd.edu/englweb/morgan/Interview.htm


“Interview with Terry Kay, Appalachian Heritage Writers Award Recipient.” Sylvia Bailey

            Shurbutt and David O. Hoffman.  October 2006.  Online at:



Conference Presentations:

“All Roads Lead Home: Storytelling and Place in the Poetry and Prose of Robert Morgan.” 

Twenty-Ninth Annual Appalachian Studies Conference, Dayton, Ohio, March 18, 2006.


Professional Presentations:

“Completing the College Application.”  First in Your Family.  Sept. 11, 2004 & Sept.10, 2005.


“Scholarship Essays and Applications:  A User’s Guide.” First in Your Family. Nov. 10 2005.


"What a Tangled Web We Weave: Building a Stronger Greek Community."  Nineteenth

Annual Shepherd University Leadership Conference.  Sept.10, 2005 & Sept. 8, 2007.


“Teaching Opportunities with Technology.” Shepherd University Capstone Presentation.

            3 May 2006. Available http://webpages.shepherd.edu/dhoffm02.


“Incorporating Technology in the English Classroom.” Master Teacher Series.

            Shepherd University Education 421 Methods of Teaching English.  Nov. 20, 2006.


“In the Trenches: Experiences in the English Language Arts Classroom.” Master Teacher

Series. Shepherd University Education 421 Methods of Teaching English.  Dec. 5, 2006.


“Speaking from Experience: Tips from a First-Year Teacher.”  Annual Shepherd Education

            Student Association Conference.  March 31, 2006.


Professional Accomplishments:

Editing/Review Work:

The Desolating Hand by Lowell Gene Wise, Greenvue Press, 2006.


Literary Consultant, Greenvue Foundation, 2005-2006


Grants Received:

Co-author, WV Humanities Grants, Appalachian Writer in Residence, 2003, 2004, 2005,

            2006, 2007 (all grants range between $2000.00 and $4800.00)


Awards and Honors:

Appalachian Studies Association Conference Scholarship, 2006


Burkhart Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Spring 2006


Croatian Fraternal Union Scholarship, 2005, 2006


Dr. IO Ash Education Scholarship, 2004-2005


Educator of Distinction, National Society of High School Scholars, Spring 2007


Holcombe English Scholarship, 2004-2005


National Dean’s List, 2002, 2003, 2005


Oliver S. Ikenberry Award for Exemplary Human Service, Spring 2005


Phi Kappa Tau Spirit and Leadership Award, Spring 2005


Presidential Tuition Waiver, 2005-2006


Shepherd University Dean’s List, 2002-2006


Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 2006


Committees and Organizations:

Loudoun Valley High School and Loudoun County Public Schools

Diversity and Equity Team, 2006-present


Forensics Team Sponsor, 2006-present


Loudoun County English Software Review and Selection Committee, 2006


National Honor Society Co-sponsor, 2007-present


Shepherd University

Appalachian Heritage Writer in Residence Committee, 2003-present

Webmaster, 2003-2006

Online at http://www.shepherd.edu/ahwirweb

            Education and Cultural Resources Coordinator, 2007-present


Assessment Task Force on Student Learning, 2002-2004


Enrollment Management, 2004-2006


NAACP, 2003-2004

                      Minority Recruitment, 2003-2004

Educational Chair, 2003-2004


Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, 2002-present

       National Committees and Positions:

Phi Kappa Tau Leadership Academy Intern, 2005

National Membership Orientation Committee, 2005-2007

National Educational Programs Strategic Planning Committee, 2006-2007

Undergraduate Inter-fraternal Institute (UIFI) Scholarship and Participant, 2004

       Chapter Offices and Recognition:

President, 2004-2006

Recipient of Gregory Hollen Award for Outstanding President, 2004

Membership Orientation Officer, 2002-2003

                      Philanthropy and Community Service, 2002-2003

                      Student Government Association Senator, 2002-2003


Shepherd Education Student Association, 2001-2006

           Community Service Chair, 2002-2004

Treasurer, 2004

Student Government Association Senator, 2005


Student Ambassador Association, 2005-2006

           Founding President, 2005-2006


Teaching and Learning with Technology Roundtable, 2004-2006

           Co-Chair, Communications Subgroup, 2005