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Shepherd University has created this advocacy page to help our alumni, faculty, staff, students, and community members keep up-to-date with the issues that could impact Shepherd and higher education in the state of West Virginia.

The navigation bar to the left provides information about the legislatively mandated higher education funding model (a second version was unveiled August 24, 2018 which reduces historically underfunded Shepherd’s budget addition to $2.3 million, down $1.1 million from the $3.4 million increase introduced in the March 23, 2018 funding model) and the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission, which is examining four-year state colleges and universities. Shepherd alumnus Eric Lewis ’95, chair of Shepherd’s Board of Governors, is our representative on the commission.

Also included is information about Shepherd’s economic impact as well as a list of the Eastern Panhandle’s legislative delegation. When issues arise that impact Shepherd, we will call upon our alumni, employees, students, and friends of the university to contact their state delegate and senators.