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Accommodate – Students

Accommodate is the portal for requesting accommodations, proctoring services for students and faculty, checking out equipment, communicating with the Accessibility Services office, and much more. Please see below on how to get started with Accommodate!


Click here for more information on the accommodations process and to find the application.

Students are responsible for the following:

I am new to Accessibility Services, How do I apply for an accommodation?

Complete the Accommodation Application on Accommodate.

How to Apply for Accommodation Video

How do I Complete a semester Request?

At the beginning of each semester, you will need to complete a Semester Request to implement your accommodations. Once you complete a Semester Request, your accommodations letter will automatically be sent to your professors through Accommodate. Should you add/drop a class a new semester request should be completed. 

Semester Request Video

Semester Request PDF Instructions

How do I sign my accommodations letter?

After completing a semester request, you must sign your accommodation letter. This is to verify you understand which accommodations you have been provided and the accompanying rights and responsibilities.

Signing Accommodation Letter Video

Signing Accommodation Letter PDF Instructions

How do I request that my exam be proctored in Accommodate? 

Students must complete a test room booking request 5 business day in advance of your testing date. If you attempt to complete the request in less than 5 business days, Accommodate will show no availability

Test Room Booking PDF Instructions

How Do I request temporary or additional accommodations? 

Supplemental Accommodation Requests are made when a student is already receives accommodations with the Accessibility Services Office, but requires additional or adjusted accommodations. Complete the Supplemental Accommodation Request on Accommodate! 

Supplemental Request Video

Supplemental Request PDF Instructions