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Academic Restructuring

November 2018 Academic Restructuring Update


Over the summer and early fall, President Hendrix convened a special advisory group of academicians, representing the Board of Governors, the Deans Council, the Faculty Senate, and tenured faculty at large – to review and discuss the basic academic organizational structure developed by the Academic Restructuring Taskforce.  Those members included:

Below is a  revised proposal for Shepherd University’s Academic Organizational Structure.  While initially we hoped to realize more savings, the proposed model saves approximately $165k over the previous structure, and  provides new organizational and philanthropic (naming) opportunities, as well as possibilities for new degree programs that point us towards current and future demand.  

Shepherd University Proposed Academic Structure

The President and I are sharing this information with you for feedback, and, our timeline for sharing with other stakeholders is as follows:

Departments within the larger College structures may discuss and bring forward proposals by the stated deadline for potential name changes, change of college, or other change that would require approval by the Board of Governors ( see BoG Policy 2).  Concurrently, we will be involving faculty and staff in working the the timeline and issues associated with implementation of the new academic structure, including any potential policy language change that will require approval by the Assembly.

Thank you again for all. your efforts to advance this directive from our Board of Governors.  We greatly appreciate your time and dedication.


President Hendrix and Provost Beard