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Academic Innovation Initiatives

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Welcome! Dr. Chiquita Howard-Bostic, Director of Academic Initiatives, has a plan to use new information, data and best practices that can lead to new modes of learning and instruction. The goal is to strengthen the quality of a Shepherd University education and to enhance our impact on society. These innovations will be both inside and outside the classroom and in the community, from hands-on learning experiences, to social events, and the use of new technologies. This page highlights an overview of the director’s role and the mission and initiatives of Shepherd Digital, a project initiated in the fall semester in 2019 to build and showcase digital and technology-driven innovation at Shepherd.

The web links below highlight initial academic innovation initiatives: (1) new Social Media Promotion (SMP) committee to enhance university branding and new Greek Leadership Committee to enhance student success, (2) digital and technology learning projects, (3) Shepherd Digital coursework and resources, and (4) a host of academic innovation initiatives partners:

Innovation Committees

Digital/Tech Projects

Shepherd Digital Coursework and Resources

Academic Innovation Partners


Shepherd Digital

Shepherd Digital projects, courses, resources and partnerships involve Shepherd University students, faculty, staff, and national/international partners. As Shepherd Digital develops, Shepherd will establish a Shepherd Digital website and the Director of Academic Innovation Initiatives will partner with community organizations and identify funding opportunities to increase enrollment and retention while further enhancing our digital and technical branding.

Shepherd Digital Mission Statement

The mission of Shepherd Digital is to align digital and technological innovation, pedagogy, professional development, and partnerships to unify the branding of digital education at Shepherd. The primary goals of Shepherd Digital include:


Dr. Chiquita D. Howard-Bostic
Director of Academic Innovation Initiatives
Academic Affairs Initiatives