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Academic Common Market (ACM)

Southern Regional Education Board Program (SREB)

Academic Common Market Options for Out-of-State Students:

A student must apply to his/her home state to be certified as eligible to be considered for Academic Common Market (ACM) status to be eligible to pay West Virginia in-state tuition rates. For more information visit:

Applications generally require a letter from Shepherd University certifying that the student is admitted to or is pursuing the appropriate ACM program (specific major and concentration). New students can request this letter from the Office of Admissions; current students can request it from the Office of the Registrar.

Certification by the home state ACM coordinator must be received by the Office of the Registrar by the first Friday in August to be considered for ACM status for the previous summer terms, by the third Friday in September to be considered for that fall semester, and by the third Friday in February to be considered for that spring semester. Be aware that some states have early processing deadlines prior to the requested semester, so check with the home state ACM coordinator. These deadlines are firm and may result in ACM status being delayed until the next semester. ACM status is not applied retroactively.

If a student comes to Shepherd under the Academic Common Market and has been certified by the corresponding state agencies as a bona fide resident of Maryland or Virginia or any other state with which Shepherd may have an Academic Common Market agreement, the Academic Common Market status is retained, provided that the student remains in the program which was certified and maintains continuous enrollment at Shepherd University. This status will hold even if the student’s legal or permanent residence changes to another state.

ACM advisors for current students at Shepherd University:

Art Program—Dr. Chris Coltrin (304-876-5785)
Computer Science Programs—Reza Mirdamadi (304-876-5368)
Environmental Studies Program—Dr. Jeffrey Groff (304-876-5143)
History—Dr. Sally Brasher (304-876-5258)
Recreation and leisure studies program—Dr. Stacey Kendig (304-876-5516)

An Academic Common Market student must show steady progress in taking courses specific to the allowed program. If in the judgment of the Registrar the student has not made such progress, based on the Shepherd University Advisor’s Handbook, the status will be changed to out-of-state. If an Academic Common Market student stays out a year, he/she will have to reapply to Shepherd University and must resubmit an application to the home state for Academic Common Market status.