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Academic Actions Imposed by the University

a.  Shepherd University will take appropriate academic action when a student fails to maintain the academic standards of the university, or when there is evidence that a student has violated an academic policy. Students also have the right to appeal academic actions.

b.  Examples of situations requiring academic action would include the following.

  1.  Infraction of institutional academic standards, rules, and regulations (required grade point averages, etc.) as stated in the Shepherd University Catalog.
  2. Final grade challenges.
  3. Academic dishonesty (e.g., plagiarism, cheating, falsifying records, etc.)
  4. Failure to meet the standards required for continuing in a program of instruction, thus leading to dismissal from that program.

c.  For failure to maintain academic standards, the University may impose the following student sanctions.

  1.  Instructor Imposed Sanctions: Sanctions such as the reduction of a grade, or the failure of a course, all of which may be applied by an individual instructor. The maximum penalty a professor may impose is a grade of F in the course.
  2.  Academic Probation is a sanction imposed for failure to meet academic standards (see the Catalog).
  3.   Academic Suspension is the exclusion from all institutional activities for a definite stated period of time not to exceed one calendar year (see the Catalog).
  4. Academic Dismissal is the termination of student status from some or all programs, including any right or privilege to receive a benefit, recognition, or certification.