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Relationship Violince: Signs and Symptoms

Warning Signs of a Abusive Relationship

Inconsistent explanations: partners being abused may provide inconsistent explanations as to the cause of their injuries or why they are unavailable to their friends or loved ones

Injuries in various stages of healing: partners being abused exhibit bruises that are in various stages of the healing process at once ranging in color from purple, to yellow, to green

High anxiety: partners being abused may exhibit constant worry over their words or actions, possibly even apologize for the most trivial things they do

Low self-esteem: partners being abused exhibit belief that they are worthless, not attractive, not intelligent, etc. Very self-loathing and self-blaming

Unavailability: partners being abused may be constantly unavailable but have no consistent or real reason why. They cut their ties with friends and loved ones.

If you or someone you know is believed to be in an abusive relationship, please use one of these Resources to get help. AND if you or someone you know is interested in obtaining anOn Campus No Contact Order, Domestic Violence Protection Order or Personal Safety Order, do not hesitate to get assistance!

Symptoms of a Person Being Abused:

Difficulty concentrating 
Difficulty sleeping 
Change in eating habits 
A feeling of dependence

Behavioral Signs of an Abuser

Intimidation: smashing things, abusing animals, destroying partner’s property, intentionally displaying weapons

Threats: making and/or carrying out threats to harm the partner, to commit suicide because of the partner, report the partner to social/child welfare, or any general threatening actions or words

Isolation: controlling what the partner sees, does, reads, etc., limiting who the partner talks to or sees

Emotional abuse: putting the partner down, calling the partner names, playing mind games, blaming the partner for all bad things happening in their life