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5 Things You’ll Do At Orientation

Congratulations on your commitment to Shepherd University and signing up for Orientation Step 1: Advisement & Registration. Now that you’ve signed up, I bet you’re wondering what these two days will cover.

All new undergraduate students, including transfer students and international students, are required to attend an Orientation session. We have 5 sessions throughout the month of June, as well as two Transfer Orientations, which specifically target transfer student needs and questions. Orientation serves as a transitional point from when you were admitted to beginning your career at Shepherd. During this time, it allows you to meet with your Academic Advisor, choose and register for classes, explore what Shepherd has to offer and get ready for your new home away from home.

We’ve outlined some experience first-year student will have during this program:

#1 – Hang out a Residence Hall

One outcome of Orientation is to fully prepare you for life on Shepherd’s campus. Your A-teamer will guide you through our beautiful campus, you’ll get to know your peers, you’ll talk with staff members, student workers, and faculty, and if you’re an incoming first-year, you’ll hang out with other incoming students at the Potomac Place Social!

Hanging out on campus will benefit you in several ways. This will be the first opportunity to hang out with other Rams! Residence Life Staff will be present and give you the opportunity to understand what daily life will be like living on campus, give you a closer look at your future living space, and to accordingly design your room the way you want it to look. Additionally, learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom and the philosophy of Shepherd is that students engage in campus life through programs held in the residence halls and beyond.

TIP: During your stay, create a list of ‘must-have’ items you’ll need to help you live and sleep most comfortably.

#2 – Register for Classes With an Advisor

One of the most important things you’ll do at Orientation will be to register for your first semester classes. You’ll have the opportunity to talk with an academic advisor, ask them questions about your chosen major, and if you’re still undecided, discuss which major is best for you!

TIP: Make sure your transcripts, AP scores, and placements test are done, a week before Orientation to guarantee that your advisor will have the most up to date results on hand during your registration session.

#3 – Get Your Student ID Card (RAMBLER CARD)

During Orientation, your A-Teamer will bring you to the Rambler Card Office! During this time, be prepared to have your photo taken, and receive your Rambler on the second day of Orientation.

Your Rambler is one of the most important things you will have as a current student. You should treat your Rambler Card as you would your debit card or cash. It will hold your meal plan, allow you to access your entry into your residence hall, allow you to go to the Wellness Center, etc.

TIP: Get a Shepherd lanyard or phone case pocket to keep it secure and on you at all times.

#4 – Attend the Information Fair

During check-in, several offices and departments will be featured during our interactive Information Fair, providing information for student services and involvement opportunities. Individual student organizations are not present in this fair, but during the first week of classes Program Board, will host our annual Student Club and Organization Fair – look out for more information!

TIP: If needed, this is the time to drop off any required health forms and to bring questions that you have for different offices.

#5 – Bucket List

Start crossing off your “Things to do before your graduate Shepherd” Bucket List. Turn to page 5 of your free 2019-2020 Student Calendar and start experiencing the life of a Ram before you arrive on campus this fall!

Tip: Don’t forget to use #SHEPUbucketlist when exploring Shepherdstown and Shepherd University!