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2018 WVIFA State Tournament

On behalf of the Debate and Forensics Team, I am thrilled to report our results from this past weekend’s West Virginia Intercollegiate Forensics Association’s (WVIFA) State Tournament.

As a team, we won First Place in overall Team Sweepstakes!!  Our team placed ahead of Marshall University, Fairmont State University, and Davis & Elkins.

While being the tournament champion is an historic achievement for our team, we are also proud to report that we took First Place in Team Debate—for the third year in a row!

We also placed second in Team Individual Events.

The following individual placements made our team success possible:


Lincoln-Douglas Debate (based on W-L record)

1st Place: Sam Brown (2nd year in a row Sam Brown won the LD crown)

**Shepherd had three of the four quarter-finalists for LD.  The other quarter-finalists were Madison Ronevich and Lauren Duckworth.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Speaker Awards

1st Place: Sam Brown

2nd Place: Lauren Duckworth

4th Place: Madison Ronevich

5th Place: Spencer VanHoose

International Policy Debate Association (IPDA; based on W-L record)

2nd Place: Casey Feezle

**Shepherd had three of the four quarter-finalists for IPDA too.  The other quarter-finalists were Molly Lovern and Carleigh West.

IPDA Speaker Awards

1st Place: Casey Feezle

2nd Place: Molly Lovern


Danny Ray Memorial Dramatic Duo Award

1st Place: Lauren Duckworth and Katie Zakrzewski

2nd Place: Lauren Duckworth and Aubrey Duckworth

Dramatic Interpretation

1st Place: Molly Lovern

2nd Place: Casey Feezle

6th Place: Aubrey Duckworth

Poetry Interpretation

5th Place: Lauren Duckworth

Program Oral-Interpretation

5th Place: Lauren Duckworth

Prose Interpretation

5th Place: Katie Zakrzewski

6th Place: Sam Brown

Public Address


Rhetorical Criticism

1st Place: Katie Zakrzewski

3rd Place: Sam Brown

4th Place: Miranda Jones

Improvisational Duo

1st Place: Casey Feezle and Molly Lovern

2nd Place: Carleigh West and Sam Brown

Casey and Molly winning Improv Duo


1st Place: Sam Brown

2nd Place: Casey Feezle

3rd Place: Carleigh West


1st Place: Katie Zakrzewski

4th Place: Sam Brown

5th Place: Miranda Jones

Carleigh and Miranda

After-Dinner Speaking

2nd Place: Sam Brown

3rd Place: Casey Feezle

5th Place: Carleigh West


2nd Place: Casey Feezle

3rd Place: Spencer VanHoose

4th Place: Molly Lovern

6th Place: Sam Brown


Extemporaneous Speaking

2nd Place: Molly Lovern

3rd Place: Casey Feezle



4th Place: Molly Lovern

6th Place Casey Feezle


Making memories and friendship


Barbara Sims Memorial Pentathlon Award

(for competitors in at least five events, across the three main categories of public speaking)

1st Place: Casey Feezle

3rd Place: Sam Brown

4th Place: Molly Lovern

Other competing members of the team include Jordan Jalil, Jacob Klepp-Egge, Kristiana Carnival, Joshua Smart, and Antoinette Wimbish.  As always, we want to thank our other coaches: John Isner, David Bennett, and DeVan Sample.