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2018 Ocean City Tournament

2018 Ocean City Tournament Results

As we approach spring break, I’d like to share some additional good news from the Debate and Forensics Team’s participation in the Collegiate Forensics Association’s Year-end Tournament in Ocean City, Maryland.  Not only does this tournament feature regular competition and awards but it also gives out season-end war for those students who have reached finals in at least four tournaments in their respective events.  Fortunately, we have results for both sets of results.

For the CFA Year-end Tournament, our team brought home 2nd Place in team sweepstakes out of more than 10 teams.  The tournament featured the following individual results:


Parliamentary Debate Team (based on W-L records)

3rd Place…Molly Lovern & Carleigh West

5th Place…Sam Brown & Casey Feezle

Parliamentary Debate Speaker Awards (based on speaker points)

2nd Place…Madison Ronevich

3rd Place…Casey Feezle

6th Place…Sam Brown

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

4th Place…Sam Brown

Public Address

Extemporaneous speaking

1st Place…Sam Brown

4th Place…Molly Lovern

Informative speaking

1st Place…Spencer VanHoose

2nd Place…Casey Feezle

4th Place…Sam Brown


3rd Place…Carleigh West

5th Place…Josh Smart


3rd Place…Sam Brown

6th Place…Casey Feezle

Communication Analysis

5th Place…Miranda Jones

6th Place…Katie Zakrzewski

After-Dinner Speaking

5th Place…Casey Feezle



1st Place…Sam Brown

Dramatic Interpretation:

3rd Place…Casey Feezle


1st Place…Sam Brown

3rd Place…Casey Feezle

Year-end Awards

**These awards are based on students reaching finals in at least four tournaments.  In more than one case, our students took home 1st Place in two or more tournaments—a tremendous feat against tough competition.

Barb Sims Memorial Lincoln-Douglas Debater of the Year: Sam Brown

Extemporaneous Speaker of the Year: Sam Brown

Extemporaneous Speaker of the Year, Runner-up: Casey Feezle

Prose Interpretation Performer of the Year: Sam Brown

Informative Speaker of the Year: Casey Feezle

Informative Speaker of the Year, Runner-up: Spencer VanHoose

Persuasion Speaker of the Year: Sam Brown

Communication Analysis Speaker of the Year: Sam Brown

Single Dramatic Interpretation Performer of the Year, Runner-up: Casey Feezle

Parliamentary Debate Team of the Year, Runners-up: Sam Brown and Casey Feezle

Other students competing in this tournament include Jordan Jalil, Imen Bouhestine, Aubrey Duckworth, Antoinette Wimbish, Kristiana Carnivale, Jacob Klepp-Egge, and Mikayla Duhaime.

Our success is not possible without the help of our volunteer assistants David Bennett, John Isner, and DeVan Sample.  We are incredibly grateful for their wisdom and help!