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2017 WVIFA State Tournament

On February 25-26, we traveled to Fairmont State University to compete in the West Virginia Intercollegiate Forensics Association’s annual state tournament.  We had a great time seeing old friends, making new ones, and continuing to show our talents!

Proud of this group!

All told, we had a great time!  We took 1st Place in Team Debate for the second straight year!

Action shot after the tourney!

In addition to being back-to-back state debate champs, we also took 2nd overall and 2nd, as a team, in forensics.  The full list of highlights are:


IPDA Debate (W-L record)

2nd Place: Garrett Spiker

3rd Place: Casey Feezle

4th Place: David Bennett

IPDA Speaker Points:

3rd Place: Garrett Spiker

5th Place: Casey Feezle

Lincoln-Douglas Debate (W-L record)

1st Place: Sam Brown

Lincoln-Douglas Speaker Points:

2nd Place: Will Wheatley

3rd Place: Sam Brown

5th Place: Madison Ronevich

Public Address

Informative speaking

1st Place: Will Wheatley

2nd Place: Casey Feezle

Extemporaneous speaking

2nd Place: David Bennett

4th Place: Garrett Spiker

5th Place: Casey Feezle

6th Place: Will Wheatley

Improvisational Duo:

2nd Place: Sam Brown/Casey Feezle

3rd Place: Maggie Nevin/Garrett Spiker


3rd Place: Garrett Spiker

5th Place: Will Wheatley

Rhetorical Criticism

3rd Place: Sam Brown

Dramatic Duo:

3rd Place: Lauren Duckworth & Katie Zakrzewski

4th Place: Sam Brown & Casey Feezle

5th Place: Katie Zakrzewski & David Bennett

6th Place: Lauren Duckworth & Karen Paiz


4th Place: Sam Brown

5th Place: Lauren Duckworth

After-Dinner Speaking:

5th Place: Casey Feezle

6th Place: Lauren Duckworth

Persuasive speaking

5th Place: Desiree Rose

6th Place: David Bennett



2nd Place: Jenn Dickey

5th Place: Maggie Nevin

Program Oral Interpretation

3rd Place: Lauren Duckworth

5th Place: Jenn Dickey

6th Place: Katie Zakrzewski


4th Place: Maggie Nevin

5th Place: Meredith Blady

6th Place: Lauren Duckworth

Dramatic Interpretation

4th Place: Meredith Blady

5th Place: Katelyn Zakrzewski


6th Place: Sam Brown

Fun times!