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2017 Ocean City Tournament

Most of the time we compete in tournaments held at universities and colleges, but the CFA Season Ending Tournament usually takes place at a hotel in Ocean City, Maryland.  Fortunately for us, this meant some time on the beach–a nice break from the two-day tournament!  We also had an engagement during this trip–congrats Desiree!

Frigid beach pic!

Another great feature of this tournament is that it has more meals where all competitors get to “break bread” with each other.

Awards luncheon

This tournament was incredibly special because one of our teammates was named Persuasive Speaker of the Year!  Congratulations to David Bennett on this impressive achievement!

The team took 2nd place overall and had much to brag about, including:


Parliamentary Debate:

2nd Place…David Bennett & Will Wheatley

Lincoln-Douglas Debate:

3rd Place…Will Wheatley

Parliamentary Debate speaker

4th Place…Lance Wines


Public Address

Persuasive speaking

1st Place…David Bennett

3rd Place…Desiree Rose

Extemporaneous speaking

1st Place…Casey Feezle

2nd Place…Will Wheatley

3rd Place…David Bennett

Impromptu speaking

2nd Place…Garrett Spiker

3rd Place…Lance Wines

After-Dinner speaking

4th Place…Casey Feezle

5th Place…Lauren Duckworth

Informative speaking

5th Place…Casey Feezle


Prose interpretation

4th Place…Mikayla Duhaime

Poetry interpretation

4th Place…Jenn Dickey

5th Place…Meredith Blady


6th Place…Maggie Nevin

Dramatic Duo

5th Place…David Bennett & Katie Zakrzewski

6th Place…Lauren Duckworth & Karen Paiz

Pentathlon  (award given for individuals competing in at least 5 events)

4th Place…Will Wheatley

As well, we had three individuals receive awards for outstanding performances over the course of the season.  These include:

1st Place in persuasive speaking for 2016-2017: David Bennett

2nd Place in extemporaneous speaking for 2016-2017: Casey Feezle