General Studies Committee Minutes
October 10, 2001
3:10-4:25 p.m., Knutti 203


Voting Members Present: Jerry Thomas (A&H, 2002), Dan DiLella (NS&M, 2002), Dow Benedict (A&H Div. Ch.), Sylvia Shurbutt, GSC Chair (C&I, 2002)

Non-voting Members Present: Jim Pantle (NCA Coord.), Karen Austin (T&CC Program Coord. for General Studies), Larry Daily (Psychology)

Voting Members Not Present: Don Henry (NS&M, Div. Ch.), Mike Jacobs (PS, 2002), Denis Woods (B&SS, 2002), V. J. Brown (B&SS, Div.Ch.), Joseph Simplicio (PS, Div. Ch.)

Non-voting Members Not Present: Patricia Dwyer (Assessment Coord.)

I. Approval of September 12 Minutes: MSP

II. Announcements:

A. Notices about the revised GS brochure were sent to the following:
1. Department Chairs to distribute to all adjunct staff
2. Admissions (500 copies)
3. Administrators (Dr. Dunlop and Dr. Stern)
4. Community College (50 copies)
5. Student Affairs (Dr. Shurbutt has been invited to make a GS Presentation at the next staff meeting.)
6. A letter to all faculty from the GSC will be sent a few weeks prior to the NCA February 25-27 visit, with the brochure and the GS Three-Year Assessment Review as attachments.

B. Dr. Stern and Dr. Dunlop send their appreciation to the GSC for the fine work done on the brochure revision.

C. Letters from the GSC to all department chairs have been mailed detailing the GS assessment timeline (attached).

D. A segment on the GS Program for the NCA report was drafted (attached).

III. Approval of final draft of 2000/2001 Assessment Report: At this point all departments involved in the GS Program are currently assessing outcomes; all but two departments participated this year in reporting their assessment data. The GSC carefully went through the completed 2000/2001 Assessment Report in order to produce a final draft. The finished document will be sent to Dr. Pantle, NCA Coordinator; Dr. Dwyer, College Assessment Coordinator; and all chairs and administrators. A notice will be sent to all faculty, asking them to look through the document in order to become familiar with the final assessment results. Copies of the data and attachments forwarded by departments will be kept with GSC records.

IV. Revised Matrix: Dr. Pantle distributed his revised General Studies ISO Matrix and asked the committee again to review the information for accuracy.

The next GS Committee meeting will be November 14, 3:10-4:00 p.m., Knutti 203.

Dr. Sylvia Bailey Shurbutt, GSC Chair

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