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Web Publisher's Agreement

I, as a Shepherd University Faculty/Staff member, wish to become a Web Publisher for my campus department or
organization with the following understandings:

  • I am responsible for the information that I provide via the Web Server, and I will not publish material containing threatening, indecent, pornographic or illegal material. Furthermore, I will assure that these pages will not be used to generate personal profit and that they will conform to the rules of conduct as found in the Student Handbook or the Employee Handbook.
  • I will sign my documents with an electronic mail address, and will regularly read and respond to messages sent to that address.
  • I will use various web browsers to examine the information I make available via the Web Server to check for problems in content or appearance.
  • I will keep my information up-to-date and remove obsolete information. I understand that information made available via the Web Server will not only be seen by the Shepherd University community, but nationally and internationally as well. The quality and timeliness of the information reflects on the contributor, the organization they represent, and on the University as a whole.
  • The Office of External Affairs will review the web pages of all University offices and departments before they are linked to ensure that editorial style and University standards are followed.
  • In order to provide information for the Web Server, I agree to act as an overseer of a shared directory which will be used as a storage location for the information provided by my department or organization.
  • I further realize that as an overseer of a shared directory, I may grant access to other users to provide information for my department or organization via the Web Server, and that it is my responsibility to see that they also honor this agreement.
  • I understand that the University reserves the right to suspend, with or without advance notice, or revoke any web publishing privileges when necessary for an administrative purpose.

Overseer's Signature and Date

Overseer's Name (must be a Faculty/Staff Member)

Overseer's E-Mail address

Department or Organization Name

Signature of VP, Director, Department Head, or Faculty/Staff Advisor

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