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December 4, 2007

Subject: Budget Process - FY 2009

To the campus community,

The University is piloting a process of using a centralized budget advisory committee to make recommendations to executive staff regarding the FY 2009 budget. This budget advisory committee will be responsible for soliciting and reviewing all pertinent information relating to the budget as forwarded by each area vice president. The budget advisory committee will review the budgetary priorities and planning issues and forward recommendations to the Executive Staff. The work of the committee will be based upon the submissions regarding new programs and units, shifts in resources, and the allocation of new resources forwarded through the vice presidents. One major goal of the pilot committee is to increase transparency and a shared awareness of Shepherd University's budgeting process. At the end of this year's budget planning cycle, we will assess how effective the committee has been and whether to continue, amend, or conclude the process.

The members of the committee are:

Vice President for Administration and Finance, Chair
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Vice President for Student Affairs
Vice President for Advancement
Vice President for Enrollment Management
General Counsel
Faculty Senate Representative - Selected by Faculty Senate
Classified Employee Representative - Selected by Classified Employees
Faculty Representative - Appointed by Vice President for Academic Affairs
Non-classified employee representative - Appointed by the President
Student Representative - SGA President
Chair of Technology Oversight Committee

Support Staff:

As you prepare your budgets, ask yourself how the investments you propose will help to further critical initiatives that attract and retain Shepherd University students. Particularly in the area of retention of students, Shepherds' reputation is vulnerable. I will look to this year's budget planning to address the enhancement of student retention across all departments and programs.

As we move forward with current programs, we will want to continue to explore opportunities which can support enrollment growth, create savings, or generate new revenue sources. These opportunities or new investments should help us attract new student populations, enhance retention of existing students and build our revenue base from external sources. The committee will begin its work shortly, anticipating final presentation of the budget to the University's Executive Staff in February and to the Board of Governors in March.

Thank you for your collaboration in this proposed additional budgeting process. We look forward to your engagement and your response.


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