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August 22, 2011

Colleges and universities are built upon tradition. Significant milestones are celebrated with fanfare, and Shepherd University will celebrate several notable and remarkable anniversaries this year.

Foremost is the 50-year anniversary of the Shepherd University Foundation. Over a half century, the Foundation has grown from a group of volunteers to a professionally staffed organization that manages $27 million in assets that assist students in attaining a Shepherd degree and provide program and faculty funding.

Also celebrating the 50-year mark is the McMurran Scholar award, started in 1961 to honor students for their academic achievement, and Delta Sigma Pi, a fraternity for men and women studying business whose active alumni involvement provides many networking opportunities.

Shepherd University has had the good fortune to attract and retain a dedicated group of faculty and staff. One of the most visible is Coach Monte Cater, who will be celebrating his 25th season coaching football at Shepherd. Coach Cater exemplifies professionalism that is evident not only in the number of games won, but in the high standards he sets for the football program and the quality of the young men the program produces under his watchful eye.

In addition to these gold and silver anniversary celebrants, Shepherd has an extensive list of programs and organizations that enjoy a long history at the University: Commencement (138 years), NCATE accreditation (57), Emeritus Club (55), Athletic Hall of Fame (26), Contemporary American Theater Festival (21), Washington Gateway Academy (21), George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War (18), and Appalachian Writer-in-Residence (13), to name a few. All of these programs started as innovative and creative ideas or solutions, proved to have staying power, and grew into traditions and points of pride for the University.

This fall semester, Shepherd University will return to our tradition of graduating students in four years. We've accomplished this recommitment to a four-year degree through the hard work of our faculty and the support of staff in the Registrar's Office and Academic Affairs. After two years of heated discussion and long hours in the office, the eight-semester curriculum emerged with a newly organized General Studies Core, added approaches to 21st-century careers and challenges, and courses to orient students to the academic rigors of college study and the real-life demands of professional life. This redefinition of the curriculum creates a 120-credit hour baccalaureate degree that loses none of Shepherd's academic challenge while focusing sharply on learning outcomes required by today's student.

Every day we build new traditions at Shepherd as we seek to improve, innovate, and inspire. We welcome you back to campus to see these traditions in person, time-honored or just emerging.


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