Summertime is that time of year where we can enjoy the weather, take relaxing vacations, and rejuvenate our minds and bodies in preparation for the next academic year. I hope each of you is doing just that!

However, in the world of Enrollment Management, this is the time to reflect and analyze; develop strategic plans for enrollment, retention, and marketing; enhance technology and services; and finalize enrollment. And this year we have "super-sized" that order!

This newsletter will provide you with an overview of the various new initiatives being developed for the upcoming year. We believe that these new initiatives will assist faculty, staff, administration, and students with additional tools and services that will aid in continued success for Shepherd--a premiere liberal arts university where our community of learners unite with passion, purpose, and experience to inspire individuals in shaping the world.

So put down that frisbee, novel, academic journal, or take a break from tanning and peruse this informative newsletter. Stay current of what is happening on your campus!


Kimberly Scranage
Vice President for Enrollment Management


Summer Registration Reminders

Summer Grading Reminders

Communicating With You

Centralized Academic Scheduling with EMS Campus

Financial Aid:

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Process--the Advisor's Role

First-Time Direct Loan Borrowers

Change in Staff


Increased Loan Limits and the 'Loan Crunch'


Summer Advisement and Registration Sessions

Technology, Technology, and More Technology

Online Application

Videos and Webcasts


Initial Information Gathering Now (Almost) Complete

Retention Steering Committee Formed (and Meeting)

A New Initiative to Centralize Retention Efforts: "Mention it for Retention"

Enrollment Management Committee:

Linking the Academic Program and SEM--Underlying Factors

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

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