As I transition into my new role in Human Resources, I am happy to reflect on the progress of the Enrollment Management division since its inception at Shepherd University nearly five years ago. The credit for our accomplishments is not mine but, rather, quite rightly goes to our unusually talented Enrollment Management staff. I am particularly proud of the Enrollment Management Team that I have hired--Tracy Seffers as Registrar, Kimberly Scranage as Director of Admissions, and Sandra Oerly-Bennett as Director of Financial Aid.

Tracy Seffers became Shepherd's Registrar in 2003 and since that time has significantly advanced the technology and efficiency of the Registrar's Office. Among her most visible initiatives have been the Electronic Records project, encompassing the redesign and implementation of degree audit, transfer articulation, and hard-copy transcript conversion; and the implementation of electronic (vs. paper) processes and communications: class rosters, incomplete grade reminders, grade mailers, enrollment verifications, confirmation of attendance, etc. Tracy works closely with several faculty committees and has enhanced the cooperation and collaboration between Enrollment Management and Academic Affairs.

Kim Scranage, who arrived in 2004, has revamped the Admissions Office from top to bottom, following its move from McMurran Hall to Ikenberry Hall. She has increased the autonomy and responsibility of each staff member, implemented the Admissions Banner module, and created the Admissions Ambassadors organization, all of which have contributed to the successful recruitment of a higher quantity and quality of students.

Sandra Oerly-Bennett became Director of Financial Aid at Shepherd in 2006. During her short time here, she has successfully completed a state audit, revised the application process for merit-based scholarships, implemented the new Academic Competitiveness Grant and National SMART Grant programs, developed a process to ensure that students are awarded financial aid based on their correct grade level, and developed an appeal process for student athletes whose athletic aid may be subsequently reduced or eliminated, all while hiring an almost entirely new staff. Sandra's expertise in Banner and in financial aid rules and practices has elevated Shepherd's financial aid operation to a model of efficiency and professionalism.

I would like to thank President Dunlop for his foresight in creating the Enrollment Management division in 2001, recognizing the increasingly important role of recruitment and retention in the institution's financial independence and flexibility. Because enrollment management operations closely relate to nearly all aspects of the campus, Dr. Dunlop's support of the division has allowed it to mature and integrate into the campus organizational structure and culture.

Additionally, I want to express my appreciation to the Enrollment Management Committee members, who have enthusiastically attended meetings and participated in important projects and discussions for many years. This Committee was historically the only group on campus that primarily focused on enrollment issues, and it was this Committee that recommended that the President establish the current Enrollment Management division structure.

As Kim Scranage begins her work as Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management on February 1, I hope that you will give her the same support and encouragement that you have given me during my years in this position. Kim has the enrollment management expertise and experience to move the division forward, and she will need your help and advice to be successful in this fast-paced, competitive environment.

Best wishes,

Marie Carter, Ed.D.
Vice President for Enrollment Management


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