The Enrollment Management division is pleased to present our second electronic newsletter, to bring you up-to-date on the activities of our offices and to alert you to important deadlines and policies that affect you and your students.

The Enrollment Management annual report to the Shepherd University Board of Governors was presented at the November 9 Board meeting. Some of the data that were reported included the following:

Shepherd University's Fall 2006 credit Head Count enrollment is 4,091, up nearly 5 percent from Fall 2005. The FTE enrollment went up by 4 percent, to 3,467. Shepherd's HC enrollment has grown by 35 percent over the past 10 years and the FTE enrollment has increased by 29 percent during that same time period.

The out-of-state portion of Shepherd's enrollment has reached a record 43 percent this year. Two years ago, the University's out-of-state population was 30 percent of the total enrollment and last year it was 40 percent. This year's incoming class (freshmen and transfers) consisted of 45 percent in-state residents and 55 percent out-of-state residents.

Sara Maene, Coordinator of Institutional Research, has done an excellent job of helping us collect and distribute useful data, and since Enrollment Management is increasingly data-driven, we very much appreciate her collaborative efforts. If you have not had a chance to see Sara's web site, I would recommend that you check it out:

I would like to thank the following faculty and staff members for serving on the Enrollment Management Committee this year: Karen Austin, Dave Cole, Bruce Kelley, Burt Lidgerding, Sara Maene, Sandra Oerly-Bennett, Joan Pope, Kathy Reid, Laura Renninger, Kim Scranage, Tracy Seffers, Richie Stevens, Shelley Tharp, and Dan Yanna. This is a busy committee and the mix of people on it makes for insightful and well-informed discussions. One of the projects recently accomplished by the Enrollment Management Committee was the implementation of a new withdrawal process.

Best wishes,

Marie Carter, Ed.D.
Vice President for Enrollment Management


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