Summer Updates

Over the course of the summer, the Office for Student Success focused on the following projects:

  • The Office teamed up with the Office of Disability Support Services, the Academic Support Center, and the Office of TRiO/Student Support Services to present Shepherd's new unified message regarding student success to parents and families during the new student Advising and Registration sessions. Parents and families were encouraged to sign up for our email blasts and to "friend" us on Facebook through our page, Our goals are to involve parents and families in a positive fashion in helping their students succeed at Shepherd.

  • A similar program was delivered to students during the August Orientation period.

  • In mid-May, we contacted students (and their advisors) who needed to rework their fall schedules due to failing pre-requisite for courses and/or general studies courses. Students who did not make the necessary changes to their schedules were automatically dropped for those classes to make room for continuing and new student registration.

  • For the first time, e-mails were sent to students who were to have their classes dropped for the summer sessions for non-payment. Follow-up emails were also sent about the petitioning process if and when classes were dropped for those students.

  • The Coordinator for Student Success worked individually with students needing to complete their Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeals for financial aid.

  • We utilized a function of the Retain CRM system to regularly contact students who had not yet registered for the fall (but were eligible to do so) to encourage them to register. A survey was sent along with the e-mails to gather information regarding students' intentions for the fall semester. A follow-up survey was sent to students indicating they planned to withdraw or transfer from Shepherd in an attempt to glean further as to why students are not returning.

  • In August, we began reaching out to students who had indicated earlier in the summer that they had planned to register but who had not yet done so.

  • The Office continues to conduct statistical analyses of our students' attrition patterns. This summer, the Coordinator for Student Success conducted a multi-year analysis looking at academic and demographic factors that may contribute positively or negatively to student success and retention. A white paper to present the results is currently in-progress.

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