On-going Student Success Initiatives

With the realignment of the division of Student Affairs, the Office for Student Success will now work closely with the Assistant Vice-President of Student Affairs for Student Success to continue to develop initiative designed to increase student success at Shepherd.

Initiatives geared to all students

We now have been using Retain our CRM (customer relationship management) module, for three full semesters to do the following:

  • Deliver early alert surveys to faculty regarding students who are struggling in their classes
  • Connection of data sources to determine which students were most at risk for attrition
  • Outreach to at-risk students regarding support services on campus
  • Administration of customer services surveys for various departments as needed
  • Communication to students regarding important deadlines.
  • Outreach to parents who sign-up for the parent e-mail alert program through FASTPASS (Families And Shepherd Together Promoting Academic Success for Students).

    In the upcoming year, please look for the following in RETAIN

  • Initiation of "ad-hoc" alert system whereby faculty and staff can report students experiencing issues outside of the feedback survey process.
  • Use of a "VIP" page to communicate to students specific information pertinent to their academic program, status, etc. at Shepherd University.
  • On-going outreach and training to departments on how they can best utilize the features of RETAIN to increase retention in their areas.

    FASTPASS (Families And Shepherd Together Promoting Academic Success for Students)
    FASTPASS consists of a web page on the Shepherd University site--www.shepherd.edu/fastpass--and a Facebook fan page--www.facebook.com/sufastpass. The web page gathers together salient links to other pages on the larger Shepherd University site and offer resources and information about services, policies, programs, events on campus, etc. to Shepherd parents and families. Parents and families can communicate with us either by asking a specific question or by joining us on Facebook.

    Initiatives geared to first-time in college (FTIC) freshmen (in conjunction with the Center for Teaching and Learning)

    FYEX Courses
    The Office for Student Success will work with all instructors of FYEX courses to provide data as needed to assist with the retention of our first-year students.

    Philosophy 100 Course
    The Office for Student Success continues to analyze the effectiveness of the Philosophy 100 course as a retention tool for at-risk students. In addition, the coordinator for student success is available to visit Phil 100 classes as needed to speak regarding student success tips.

    Before College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE)
    The coordinator for student success will serve as the program coordinator for the BCSSE which we will administer to FTIC students through their FYEX classes this fall (replacing the Student Readiness Inventory (SRI)). This survey ties in to the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) which we are due to administer this spring. The coordinator of student success will utilize the results of this survey along with student academic indicators to identify at-risk students and develop success initiatives (in coordination with other offices on campus). Results from the NSSE the spring will be used to validate data and further expand upon our intervention programs.


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