Coming Soon: DegreeWorks (AKA Degree Evaluation on Steroids)

A very exciting development that is coming our way in the Office of the Registrar is the transition of our existing Degree Evaluation system to a new, more flexible and user-friendly system called DegreeWorks . In late Fall 2012 and extending into Spring 2013, we will begin working with WVNET, Banner system consultants, the Academic Affairs office, and IT Services to begin the recoding of 2011 curricula into the new system, integrating the program with our Banner and RAIL systems, and training to understand, articulate, and manage the system.

While Banner consultants will do the primary work of recoding of 2011 curricula, we will be learning alongside them, and will take on the recoding of curricula for the 2012 catalog requirements and beyond.

Pre-2011 curricula will remain in the existing Degree Evaluation system. Watch this space for updates!

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Coming Soon: DegreeWorks (AKA Degree Evaluation on Steroids)

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