Financial aid is funding to assist students with educational expenses incurred while ATTENDING classes in pursuit of their degree.

Financial aid recipients MUST attend their classes regularly and engage in the requirements for each class; otherwise, their financial aid may be revoked either partially or in full. This would result in an amount due by the student to the University immediately. Regular attendance will be unique for each student, each class, each professor, etc. Attendance policies for each class are provided via the syllabus. Professors still have a choice as to whether they require/take attendance. A student's attendance can/will be documented through quizzes, tests, papers, presentations, etc. without the requirement of the professor calling role each class meeting.

Midterm grades, along with last date of attendance reported by faculty, will be used as the basis for determining a student's attendance and financial aid eligibility. If a student has earned the grade of A, B, C, D or F, then they have attended class at least once. The professor has had some means (documentation) to determine that grade. Grades of IF or W without a reported last date of attendance will potentially affect a student's financial aid package if it alters their enrollment load: full time, three-quarter time, half time, or less than half time.

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