With the opening of the 2012-2013 academic year, I am energized as to the possibilities of what's to come. With returning and new students back on campus, I experience a renewed energy and cannot help but be excited by the promise I see in each and every student.

With each new year comes new challenges for us as a community. However, I ask that you step back and gaze into the faces of our students whose journey is being shaped by your collegiality, dedication, and collaboration. Students report that their relationships with faculty and staff are among their most favored memories of their time at Shepherd. The sense of community and the importance the community places on relationships is very evident at Shepherd. Your guidance, sacrifice, focus, and passion are what prepare our students for future success beyond Shepherd.

During convocation, President Shipley spoke about how she enjoyed watching the Olympics this summer and following the athletes as they competed. She was struck by how each sport attracted a different type of athlete: athletes that seemed to select their sport based on a match with their individual talents, passions, and interests. Likewise the sport shaped the athlete through developing critical thinking skills, life balance, endurance, and perseverance, and she realized a strong correlation exists between Shepherd students and these world-class athletes.

Our students chose to begin or continue their journey at Shepherd this fall because they believe we will enhance their talents, elevate their passions, and provide an array of opportunities to expand their interests. Welcome back and go for gold!

Kimberly Scranage
Vice President for Enrollment Management


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