Retention Initiatives Updates

RETAIN The Retention Office is pleased to announce that it will implement RETAIN, a CRM software program run by the same company that provides us with CONNECT, our recruitment and admissions software. We will begin a soft opening of RETAIN in the spring with a full launch in the summer, in time to welcome the class of 2015. The RETAIN system will enhance and automate communications between the Retention Office and faculty, staff, and students. It will allow us to better and more efficiently identify and intervene with ask-risk students. For more information, or if you are interested in being a tester for the system, please contact the Retention Office at ext. 5482 or

Mention it for Retention Last semester we received we received close to 160 referrals to the Mention it for Retention program, a 21 percent increase from previous semesters. We encourage all Shepherd University community members to refer students who they believe to be at risk for attrition. Referrals can be sent to or through the following link: Watch for potential changes to this program as we implement the new RETAIN program mentioned above.

FASTPASS (Families And Shepherd Together Promoting Academic Student Success) We continue to update and work with the FASTPASS website to keep parents apprised of issues important to their students' success. Starting in the summer 2011, we will explore ways to involve parents in the RETAIN system as well.

Student Readiness Inventory For the third time, the Student Readiness Inventory (SRI) was administered to all FTIC freshmen over the summer advising and registration sessions. Students who were identified as being at-risk were tracked throughout the semester and contacted when other at-risk indicators arose (e.g., poor performance at mid-terms). We will once again assess these results vis-a-vis the cohorts' retention for the spring semester as well as their performance in the fall.

Philosophy 100 (coordinated by Teaching and Learning) Philosophy 100 was required this year of all students on contract for the second year in a row. For the fall 2009 cohort, we saw the gap between the retention of contract vs. non-contract students narrow, an indication that initiatives such as Philosophy 100 are working to help improve student success. We will continue to track this trend in the years to come.

TRIO/SSS Grant (in collaboration with Teaching and Learning) Shepherd University was thrilled to receive a TRIO/Student Support Services grant through the Department of Education. Housed in and coordinated by the Center for Teaching and Learning, this program will allow us to provide additional support and services to 160 students who are either first-generation college students, have a disability, and/or are low-income. The grant lasts for three years and is renewable. Staff hiring will be completed in the early spring semester and student recruitment will begin in January.

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