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Get on the Fast Track to Dental School Admission

Retention through Early Acceptance of Dental Students in the Eastern Panhandle (REAP DentSTEP)

Along with having an impact on the health of a region, a career in denistry offers a variety of challenges and rewards.

Today's dental professionals focus not only on the diagnosis and detection of oral health problems, and educate patients on how to prevent oral diseases, but also on cosmetic treatments that improve a patient's appearance. Dentists in private practice serve as their own boss, allowing them flexibility to balance their professional and personal lives. In 2001, the average income of a dentist was in the highest 5 percent of U.S. family income, a trent that is expected to continue as the demand for care grows.

Retention through Early Acceptance of Dental Students in the Eastern Panhandle, REAP DentSTEP is a joint program of Shepherd University and the West Virginia School of Dentistry that helps simplify the process of dental school admission while easing the financial burden of the application process. The program gives motivated Shepherd students early access to the School of Dentistry and unique opportunities to better prepare them for WVU's challenging program.

REAP DentSTEP allows qualified students applying for admission to Shepherd to also apply for early admission to the WVU School of Dentistry at the same time. After graduation from Shepherd, students will attend WVU's Morgantown campus to complete four years of dental education. Students have the unique opportunity to work in rural healthcare facilities in the latter part of the dental curriculum and may be assigned to a facility in the Eastern Panhandle region.

Admission to REAP DentSTEP is open to a select number of top West Virginia high school seniors and--for a limited time--to established Shepherd freshmen. Students are selected in a competitive process, which includes an application and interview. Because the WVU School of Dentistry values diversity, students from groups that are under-represented in dental school programs are encouraged to apply.

WVU and Shepherd University are both aware of the great need for dentists in the Eastern Panhandle and see this program as a part of their missions to serve the community.

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